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Nelson Elementary
Mission Statement
At Nelson Elementary, we promote a nurturing environment that instills continuous learning. As a community of students, parents, and staff, we create a partnership to build every student's success.

In the Area of Student Achievement:
  • Each student will read and comprehend a variety of materials, locate and apply information at grade level or above.
  • Each student will write, speak, listen, and use technology to communicate at grade level or above.
  • Each student will apply mathematical skills to analyze and solve problems at grade level or above.
  • Each student will think creatively and analyze tasks to solve problems at grade level or above.
  • Each student will develop and demonstrate personal responsibility for learning and self-management.
In the Area of Safe Learning Environment
  • The school and community will work together to provide a safe learning environment.
  • Students will demonstrate respect and responsibility for the learning environment.
  • Students exhibit through their actions an understanding of the pillars of Character Counts: Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring,
  • Fairness, Responsibility and Citizenship.
How Nelson Accomplishes Its Goals
  • Pro-active leadership
  • Continuous improvement through comprehensive planning, thoughtful implementation, and ongoing evaluation of all programs
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Results orientation
  • Valuing all students, parents, and staff
  • Build relationships based on trust and a common goal of improved student achievement

Nelson Elementary History & Facts -  from the book "50 Unified Years: Building a Tradition of Excellence in Clovis Unified Before, During, and After Unification"

Chester A. Nelson Elementary School opened to students for the 1957-58 school year.

Nelson shares an unique feature with its surrounding community, pride and love of local neighborhoods. Many parents now sending their children to the school are second or third generation residents, many of whom attended Nelson Elementary as children themselves and went on to purchase heir parent's houses. These families have truly found a home in their neighborhood school and in the community.

With school colors of forest green and gold, the school also promotes student pride with the acronym "BEEP", which represents: best school, Exemplary, Extraordinary, and Perseverance. It's no coincidence that BEEP is also the signature sound of the school's mascot, the Roadrunner.


Clovis West Area Accomplishments!

Gen Session - Highlights - CW from Clovis Unified School District on Vimeo.

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