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Meet Laila Elreedi!
Hello, my name is Laila Elreedi, and I am beyond eager to take on the kindergarten teacher position! I really found my place here at Nelson throughout my student-teacher experience in Room 8, and I am beyond thankful to officially join the team for the 2022-2023 school year.

One thing I look forward to this upcoming school year is meeting all the incoming Roadrunners of Nelson Elementary! I have a true passion for working with the little ones, and I fondly await the opportunity to establish a strong foundation for them to carry on throughout their educational experience.  
Throughout my K-12 experience, I really enjoyed learning Math. I look forward to introducing my kindergarten class to numbers and the many non-algorithm ways we can practice using to solve math problems.
As for hobbies, I really like to travel. I plan an international trip every summer to visit new countries and learn about different cultures. So far, I have been to more than 10 different countries all across Europe and Asia. I enjoy telling my students the stories I have from the many expeditions I have taken. Overall, my traveling experience prompts me to bring worldly perspective into the classroom, which enhances the overall educational experience.

Can't wait for the school year to begin! Beep Beep....