Program Improvement

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, any school that does not make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two or more consecutive years in a tested subject, is considered to be in Program Improvement mode and must take specific steps to continue with AYP growth.  

Nelson Elementary scored an API between 890-915 during the last five years of STAR testing and No Child Left Behind, and was ranked in the 90th percentile in comparison to similar schools.  These are excellent performance measures.  While working to improve reading scores, Nelson's math scores remained constant around 81-83% proficient as measured on California Standards Test.  That constant performance range did not meet AYP under the No Child Left Behind Act, and therefore Nelson is in Program Improvement.  The federal NCLB measures and testing were suspended the year following Nelson's PI status, and has not yet been modified.  Therefore, The PI designation is still in place.  Nelson staff continues to hold the expectations that all students can be proficient and work tirelessly to raise the proficiency of all students.  

With the recent passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA 2015), new guidelines and measures of success will impact the PI status of Nelson Elementary School.  Until those guidelines and measures are in place at the State level, the PI status remains.  If you have questions about your options under PI status, please feel free to contact any administrator at Nelson Elementary School.