Destination Imagination





Destination Imagination is a fun-filled, exciting activity that challenges students to find creative and practical solutions to some of life's most pressing problems.  Teams can choose from a wide variety of challenges and presentation models in which to compete.   A school staff member, Mrs. Sittre, will help facilitate a team's enrollment and competition, but Destination Imagination requires at least one parent coach per team.  Teams can consist of 4-8 students in any grade level.   

Nelson Elementary does not have an official team for 2015-2016 as there were no parents available to assist a team.  Mrs. Sittre has a "DI" club that meets weekly to engage in sample challenges and activities so that students can experience this highly enriching event.  

Any parents who would like to know more about Destination Imagination and what is involved to be a DI coach should contact the school for more information.  Come join the fun!!